We are never going to keep you straggling along, so turn that frown upside down!

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions with some helpful answers.


  • How do I save my favourite holiday property?

    Simple !!No need to create a login or give us any of your details. Just click on the WHITE favourite “heart” on any property you fancy and it will automatically be added to the favourites list in the HOME bar. The “heart” will become RED once saved and if you no longer want it in your list, - simply click again, and it will be removed. The “heart” will once again be WHITE in colour.

  • How do I book holiday accommodation on Happy Traveller?

    The “easy peasy” way !!! Happy Traveller puts you in direct contact with the property owner / agent. Once you have selected a list of properties in the area you want to holiday in, click on the preferred property, and select the CONTACT OWNER DIRECT tab. Fill in the required information and SUBMIT. The owner will contact you directly and finalise the booking. All bookings on Happy Traveller are managed by the owners direct or their representatives and are not managed by Happy Traveller. We recommend having a contract agreed to between you and the owner, clearly defining each party’s responsibility for the booking. We are unable to book properties on your behalf.

  • How do I know exactly what size beds there are in a property?.

    All details of beds and size are displayed prominently on each property. Scroll down past the pictures and price info. Bed sizes are noted there. Alternatively you can select “Peek” on the list of properties selected in your chosen area and a quick preview of important facts will be displayed.

  • Where are property features to be found ie Wifi, Linen supplied etc.?

    Click on the property you like Scroll down past the pictures and price info and all features offered are listed for easy reference.

  • How do I ask for extra services that may not be advertised i.e. baby sitters, housekeepers, laundry service, valet etc etc etc?

    When requesting a booking there is an option to add a note on your request and the owner will confirm whether or not they can assist.
    You may also find answers to this type of question under the GENERAL note in the features section of each property.

  • How do I pay for my holiday?.

    You will be arranging payment with the owner directly. The payment method will be something you need to discuss with them. It is noted on the property selected page the payment methods that they can process and accept.

  • How do I get a refund if I have to cancel a booking I have confirmed and paid for?

    The owner’s cancellation policy is located on the property selected page below the booking calendar. E-mail the owner direct to request a refund. Happy Traveller is not involved with any cancellation policies of the owners nor does Happy Traveller handle any refunds. This is dealt with directly with the owner you made the booking with. .

  • Who do I contact if I have a problem at a property I am presently renting?

    You will need to contact the owner direct. If you suspect any wrong doing please go to the “contact us” section of the website and supply us with the relevant information. We will do our best to assist wherever possible.

  • Covid 19 protocols

    Happy Traveller connects property owners with holidaymakers, and other potential tenants. We do not manage or control the properties listed on our website. The property owner / agent manage their own bookings and properties. You will need to check with the property owner / agent their cleanliness standard with regard to Covid protocols.