The “Happy Traveller” website (www.happytraveller.co.za) belongs to Happy Traveller (Pty) Limited and our registration number with the Companies and Intellectual Commission of South Africa is 2018/082844/07. If you read in this agreement the words “Happy Traveller” “us” “our” “we” this will be referring to Happy Traveller (Pty) Limited the registered owner of www.happytraveller.co.za.
  1. From time to time laws change, government departments update their requirements for businesses or Information Technology require upgrades or change specifications and therefore Happy Traveller has to make changes to the Terms of Use and Conditions . It is up to you to keep yourself updated as to any changes that have been made to the Terms of Use and Conditions . Therefore when you use the website you will be agreeing to any updates made to this document.
  2. The purpose of Happy Traveller is to provide a portal for holidaymakers and other travellers to view potential properties advertised for short term rentals.
  3. You agree not to use this website if you are under the age of 18 (eighteen) or if for whatever reason you cannot legally sign a contract.
  4. Happy Traveller subscribes to policies of honesty and transparency. All property listings and communication from Happy Traveller whether through the website or not shall be made in good faith.
  5. Happy Traveller is not the owner of any property on the website nor are we associated with the property owners. Happy Traveller is purely an advertising portal for these properties and we do not inspect the properties, nor report on the condition or situation of any property on our website. We do not get involved in disputes between anyone booking via this website and property owners.
  6. Happy Traveller has a Privacy Policy. You agree to read this Privacy Policy.
  7. You agree that Happy Traveller may keep in contact with you about your bookings or listings from time to time via e-mail, whatsapp or sms or social media platforms.
  8. You agree that Happy Traveler may send you electronic newsletters. Happy Traveller agrees to adhere to the “Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013” and the “Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002”. Should you no longer wish to receive correspondence from Happy Traveller contact us via email to request that we remove you from the mailing list or select the unsubscribe button visible on each newsletter or other electronic correspondence from Happy Traveller and this will automatically remove you from the mailing list.
  9. Happy Traveller has the right to refuse unsuitable applications and may cancel any subscriptions related to complaints by the public and advertisements that are not in accord with our policy of honesty and transparency. Happy Traveller does not have to give you an explanation for this decision. No refunds of moneys paid for advertisements will be made where we have cancelled as a result of this clause
  10. We are not in any way responsible for the representations made by property owners or property representatives on this website whether it be fraudulent or misrepresented information. We give no warranty in relation to the accuracy of information on this website.
  11. Calendars on the website are within reason kept up to date. In order to check availability you must check with the owner of the property to confirm this.
  12. We welcome reviews of all properties advertised on Happy Traveller. If you add a review you agree not to use offensive, profane, or false language.
  13. We only publish reviews of properties that you have actually stayed in and have booked through Happy Traveller. We reserve the right to publish or not publish reviews submitted and this is at the sole discretion of Happy Traveller. We are not required to give any explanation whatsoever for any reviews published or any reviews not published. We reserve the right to remove without explanation a review that does not comply with our terms of use.
  14. If you book accommodation on the website you agree to complete the information needed accurately and honestly and any agreements that you enter into with property owners you do so at your own risk.
  15. There is no charge to holidaymakers or other travellers for making bookings via the website.
  16. Property owners agree they will only list legitimate properties on this website that are individual physical properties. If there is more than one owner of a property, you agree to get their permission to list the property. If you are a representative of the owner of the property to be advertised, you agree that you have their permission to advertise their property.
  17. Property owners agree to obey all relevant laws pertaining to the short term rental of property and will only list a property that they are authorized to list
  18. Property owners have their own terms of agreement for each property. Property owners agree to seek professional legal help for any agreements they feel are necessary.
  19. You agree to list your property in South Africa Rand (ZAR) including VAT.
  20. The Property owner or owner’s representative agrees to keep the information and photographs advertising their property up to date. Happy Traveller is not responsible for out of date information advertised on the website.
  21. The Property owner agrees to answer all enquiries timeously.
  22. Anyone listing a property who does not own said property confirms that they have the owner’s permission to list the property.
  23. Property owners agree to keep their calendars up to date. We really do not want to have to disable the calendar facility but will remove this facility to if it is not kept up to date. No refunds will be given if we disable the calendar facility.
  24. Property owners pay a subscription fee to advertise on our website. Fees are shown in South Africa Rands (ZAR) excluding VAT. In order to keep your advertisement on the website you are responsible for paying this fee plus VAT ( if applicable). All subscriptions and fees are paid in advance and if not paid your advertisement will be removed. We have the right to change our fee structure from time to time and this new fee will be effective from the date published on the website.
  25. If you add your property to our website you agree to complete the information needed accurately and honestly.
  26. If you register with Happy Traveller you agree to keep you login details private and not to allow a 3rd party to use your login details.
  27. You are not allowed to amend, copy, use, decompile and/or reverse engineer the source code of this website.
  28. You may not use logos, icons or trademarks from this website as hyperlinks or for any other purpose without Happy Travellers prior written consent.
  29. You agree not to use this website by means of a robot, spider or any other automated means.
  30. Happy Traveller accepts no liability for failure of the website, lack of performance of the website or unavailability of the website. We accept no liability if we do not comply with these Terms of Use and Conditions if this arises from any cause reasonably beyond the control of Happy Traveller.
  31. You agree that the use of the Happy Traveller website is entirely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by you or anyone else as a result of the direct or indirect use of the website. We disclaim any and all liability from the use of any accommodation, product or service booked or paid for by use of the Happy Traveller website. You agree that if Happy Traveller is held liable then the total liability to you and those claiming through you shall not exceed the actual amount paid by you for the use of the Happy Traveller website.
  32. We may alter or discontinue this website at any time.
  33. These Terms of Use and Conditions are governed by the laws of South Africa and without regard to the conflict of laws principle. You agree that any cause of action that may arise under this user agreement shall be commenced and be heard in the appropriate court in South Africa and and you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within South Africa.

Privacy Policy

HAPPY TRAVELLER (PTY) LIMITED Registration No 2018/082844/07 - PRIVACY STATEMENT - EFFECTIVE 30TH November 2018


  1. Definitions and Interpretation
    1. “HTLTD” means Happy Traveller (Pty) Limited.
    2. “Personal Information” means information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person and where it is applicable, identifiable, existing juristic person, including all information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.
    3. “Processing” means the creation, generation, communication, storage, destruction of personal information as more fully defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.
    4. “You” or the “user” means any person who accesses and browses this website for any purpose.
    5. “Website” means the website of Happy Traveller at URL happytraveller.co.za or such other URL as HTLTD may choose from time to time.
  2. Status and Amendments
    1. HTLTD respects your privacy. This privacy policy statement sets out the HTLTD’s information gathering and dissemination practices in respect of the Website.
    2. This Privacy Policy governs the processing of personal information provided to HTLTD through your use of the Website.
    3. Please note that, due to legal and other developments, HTLTD may amend these terms and conditions from time to time. The version of the terms and conditions effective for this Privacy Policy are indicated by the effective date incorporated in the title of this Privacy Policy. It is your duty to remain appraised of the current version of this Privacy Policy. The date indicated in the heading of this Privacy Policy is the effective date that governs the browsing and use of this Privacy Policy from that date until the next revision of this Privacy Policy becomes effective.
    4. By continuing to browse or use this Privacy Statement after a revised Privacy Policy becomes effective constitutes your agreement to observe this Privacy Policy as may be revised.
  3. Processing of Personal Information
    1. By providing your personal information to HTLTD you acknowledge that it has been collected directly from you and consent to its processing by the HTLTD.
    2. Where you submit Personal Information (such as name, address, telephone number and email address) via the website (e.g. through completing any online form) the following principles are observed in the processing of that information:
      1. HTLTD will only collect personal information for a purpose consistent with the purpose for which it is required. The specific purpose for which information is collected will be apparent from the context in which it is requested.
      2. HTLTD will only process personal information in a manner that is adequate, relevant and not excessive in the context of the purpose for which it is processed.
      3. Personal information will only be processed for a purpose compatible with that for which it was collected, unless you have agreed to an alternative purpose in writing or HTLTD is permitted in terms of national legislation of general application dealing primarily with the protection of personal information.
      4. HTLTD will keep records of all personal Information collected and the specific purpose for which it was collected indefinitely from the date on which it was last used. All information collected and stored under a Profile Section provided will be stored until you remove it.
      5. HTLTD will not disclose any personal information relating to you to any third party unless your prior written agreement is obtained or HTLTD is required to do so by law.
      6. If personal information is released with your consent HTLTD will retain a record of the information released, the third party to which it was released, the reason for the release and the date of release, for a period of 1 (one) year from the date on which it was last used.
      7. HTLTD will destroy or delete any personal information that is no longer needed by HTLTD for the purpose it was initially collected, or subsequently processed.
    3. Note that, as permitted by the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002, HTLTD may use personal information collected to compile profiles for statistical purposes. No information contained in the profiles or statistics will be able to be linked to any specific user.
  4. Collection of anonymous data
    1. HTLTD may use standard technology to collect information about the use of this website. This technology is not able to identify individual users but simply allows HTLTD to collect statistics.
    2. HTLTD may utilise temporary or session cookies to keep track of users' browsing habits. A cookie is a small file that is placed on your hard drive in order to keep a record of your interaction with this website and facilitate user convenience.
      1. Cookies by themselves will not be used to identify users personally but may be used to compile identified statistics relating to use of services offered or to provide HTLTD with feedback on the performance of this website.
      2. The following classes of information may be collected in respect of users who have enabled cookies:
        1. The browser software used;
        2. IP address;
        3. Date and time of activities while visiting the website;
        4. URLs of internal pages visited; and
        5. referrers.
    3. If you do not wish cookies to be employed to customize your interaction with this website it is possible to alter the manner in which your browser handles cookies. Please note that, if this is done, certain services on this website may not be available.
  5. Security
    1. HTLTD takes reasonable measures to ensure the security and integrity of information submitted to or collected by this website, but cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any loss or other damage sustained by you as a result of unlawful access to or dissemination of any personal information by a third party.
  6. Links to other websites
    1. HTLTD has no control over and accepts no responsibility for the privacy practices of any third party websites to which hyperlinks may have been provided and HTLTD strongly recommends that you review the privacy policy of any website you visit before using it further.
  7. Queries
    1. If you have any queries about this privacy policy please contact us by emailing rozanne@happytraveller.online